First Green Task Group plans for the future

First Green Task Group plans for the future

First Green Task Group plans for the future 1024 566 First Green

The GCSAA First Green Task Force met in June to begin mapping out plans to move First Green forward. The task group aims to create a First Green Liaison volunteer position to help grow the program and provide a mentor to superintendents/schools in each state. The task group discussed the uncertainty surrounding schools transitioning back to in-person classrooms and whether field trips will be allowed in the 2020/2021 school year. The task group agreed that First Green could be a resource for parents/teachers looking to enhance STEM/Environmental Science learning virtually.

Outcomes from the meeting included:

  • Investigate blended/online learning units that provide teachers with resources to facilitate First Green learning beyond the field trip to the course. 
  • Build on established lesson plans: Create videos to support learning. At the end of the unit the students attend a First Green Field Trip (if possible.)
  • Get tool kits – (banners, lesson plans, all materials needed for the lessons) on the GCSAA Merchandise Store.
  • Develop materials for the First Green Liaison volunteers to share with interested parties.

First Green Task Group members include:

Kevin P. Sunderman, CGCS – Chair

Paul L. Carter, CGCS – Vice Chair

Ryan S. Kraushofer

Robert G. McLean

Darin E. Pearson

Christopher A. Reverie

Michael Richardson, Ph.D.

Thomas R. Slevin

Richard W. Staughton, CGCS

Ryan L. Swilley