STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. It is an educational approach that integrates these disciplines into a cohesive learning paradigm. The goal of STEAM education is to provide students with a well-rounded and interdisciplinary learning experience, emphasizing critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration.

First Green is an innovative environmental and STEAM education program that uses golf courses as classrooms. Students get to practice and strengthen their STEAM skills all while participating in a fun, hands-on field trip at a local golf course.


The organization of knowledge in the form of testable hypotheses, explanations and predictions.


The application of scientific knowledge to advance industry, grow economies and benefit society.


The application of science and mathematical methods to innovate and operate structures.


The study of quantity, space and change to formulate conclusions essential in many fields.


Golf enjoys a greater connection to its natural surroundings than any other sport. Yet with constant pressure to keep up with environmentally friendly practices, our industry must also rely on science, technology, engineering and mathematics to help instill a lifelong appreciation of our most precious natural resources for generations to come.

The longterm vitality of our sport depends on STEM:

  1. STEM’s hands-on approach enriches the learning experience.
  2. Each golf course presents unique applications of the STEM curriculum.
  3. STEM will create a positive impact on sustainability throughout the game.
What is Stem? | First Green a GCSAA Program