Mike and Tami Hoffman STEAM Ahead Initiative

The Michael J. and Tamara Rae Hoffman Family Charitable Gift Fund has donated $1 million to First Green in February 2024. The Mike and Tami Hoffman “STEAM Ahead” Initiative funded the addition  of arts  to First Green, which elevated it from a STEM curriculum to a STEAM (science, technology,  engineering, art, and math) curriculum.

In addition to adding creative arts stations to the GCSAA’s First Green field trip lineup, the Mike and Tami Hoffman STEAM Ahead Initiative also enhanced First Green by:

  • Providing the Mike and Tami Hoffman Classroom Grants to enable teachers to offer classroom curriculum prior to their First Green field trip.
  • Expanding First Green curriculum from elementary and middle school to high school as a way to introduce high schoolers to careers in golf.
  • Expanding First Green Liaisons (GCSAA members who serve as mentors and promote the program) to power more field trips.

“Tami and I are pleased to be able to amplify the message of GCSAA’s First Green,” Mike Hoffman, retired chairman and CEO of the Toro Company, said. “It is such an innovative program that not only introduces the many benefits that golf courses provide to their communities and the knowledge and skill needed to manage them, but it also shows students that the golf industry is a viable career path with many opportunities. Being able to support adding the arts element to First Green seems appropriate given the beautiful landscapes golf provides all around the world. The golf industry has made such a positive impact on our lives, and we hope our gift will have a similar impact on First Green students.”