Laura Spradlin

First Green was created to provide environmental education resources for teachers and students (fifth grade and up). Golf courses are the key educational resource—to be “learning labs.” Golf course superintendents are trained in golf course environmental stewardship, with technical knowledge about managing water quality, animal habitat, soils, plants and grasses, and the many jobs related to golf course operations. This technical knowledge is a resource for teachers. 

Teachers have access to:

  • Field trips on golf courses (see sample field trip agenda)
  • Inviting First Green team members to come to your classroom to talk with students
  • Using the resource materials on the web site
  • Contacting First Green for assistance with specific environmental learning questions or needs
  • Involving your local golf course superintendent in your own educational programs and activities
  • Utilizing the golf course superintendent as an environmental advisor

Setting Up a Field Trip

Connect with your local course. Once this connection has been established, work directly with the golf course superintendent to:

  • Set your field trip date (See Checklist for more details about preparing for your Field Trip.)
  • Tell the golf course superintendent what subjects your students are studying and discuss possible learning activities. It is up to the two of you to decide what learning activities will take place and how much you want the superintendent to lead these learning activities. Note: The First Green curriculum is targeted at grades 5 and up. Field trips are most successful when a single class (no more than 30 students) participates. This enables students to be more hands-on and active participants in the learning labs.
  • Give any specific information about your needs such as golf cart transportation for any students who might not be able to walk easily around the golf course.
  • The superintendent will want to take pictures of the field trip to share with you and to put on our web site. Please be sure your parents sign the release form that the superintendent emails to you and bring copies to the field trip if possible.
  • Stay in touch with the golf course superintendent as the date approaches.

 Remember to have parents sign the release form (MS Word or PDF).